birthday checklist.

first thing to check off when starting to organize your birthday is:
[ x ] wishlist.

and this years wish-list looks a little like this

adidas instinct high w

unfortunately, i've only found it on shoes.com, but the good news is that it's only $80!
compared to my latest shoe purchase of *mumbles* hundred something...
i'll show you my lovely new things sometime blogosphere. : )

the list doesn't stop there though..

icecube brain tray from thinkgeek.comicecube puzzle tray from thinkgeek.com
ice shot glasses from thinkgeek.com
juicebar portable solar charger from thinkgeek.com

check out these incredibly cutes!

"Candy Jar Necklace" from shanalogic.com
"mini floppy disc pillow" from shanalogic.com

"stump" from shanalogic.com
"mini happy letter pillow" from shanalogic.com

AAAANNND the coolest thing EVER!
...but also the most expensive...

anatomical heart locket from shanalogic.com

contemplating on buying my own present early,




sorry about the belated australia day post.
i've avoided it, kind of like how i avoid the day itself.

now i'm not saying i'm not a fan of Australia.
born, raised and dedicated almost 21 straight years of my 'almost 21-ed years' life to understanding and speaking the language, getting to love the rich history, amazing views, breathing that fresh and clean air (most of the time anyway) etc

Did you know, Australia day (Jan 26th) is the anniversary of ships arriving in Sydney carrying a load of Convicts?
it confuses me what we're celebrating about for one, but it's not the main reason why i try to stay indoors on this day...

i mean, i love australia, it has the tiniest population for its gigantic size
and i think that australia is the most humorous, laid-back and peaceful place to be..
that is, until i hear this:

"GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!"-unidentified young and blonde bombshell.

oh. the amount of things i would love to yell back to her.
i expect that behaviour from kids as young as 9 to yell that to me as they rode off on their bikes...but seriously...
get out of that hole and read a history book.

like the loveable Julia Gillard reminds us with her mind-blowing catch phrase, we should be like the two animals on our coat of arms (the kangaroo and emu) who cannot walk backwards and just keep "moving forward".
and that's what i've been doing this Australia Day.

i can be where i want to be.
i will enjoy this day that my country has given me to celebrate.
and i will paint a freaking amazing abstract australian flag on an oriental paper umbrella that i lined up so long for at the Australia Day fair.

out of the blazing 40 deg sun,
kerplouski, and her umbrella.
who knew it was australian to paint on oriental stuff?

by the way, check out one of Australia's amazing birds, the Lyre bird.