You're turning.. WHAT?!

Oh MY goodness!
My brother is now
I sound like a mother saying this, but that number creeped up so quickly!

I forgot how important a number like 18 can be
Especially in Australia, as it's the legal age for everything!
Except rape..
There is no acceptable age for that guys.

but i don't think it ever matters to me how old he gets,
cos he'll always stay as my little brother whom i'm always one step ahead of...because....i was born earlier..


but i worry sometimes.

he's very smart! especially when he sets his mind on something, he'll recite word for word novels, calculate in seconds, become Australia's Next Top Museum of Science Guide.
he's quick to rely on anyone's choices as his own. He's finally turning 18, the legal age for drinking, and his friends are telling him that it's 'not like him' to have an alcoholic beverage- even though he's been drinking alcohol from family gatherings (long live peach wine!) and accidental sips of 'coca-cola' because dad thought it was funny that red wine resembles the colour of coke at times.
his 'friends' say that they won't respect him if he ever touches the (sinful) liquid. now. not only does he agree to cave in to his friends' bullying in seconds, but he's not smart enough to realise what his friends have done, what (alcohol) he's already done himself, that it's 'not (supposed to be) like' anyone to be drinking alcohol before 18 in the first place-so the likelihood of it to be 'like' someone to be drinking before 18 is irrelevant, and his decision is not actually his
...just a few things i haven't been thinking a lot about...

he's funny, very sociable and entertaining to be around. the amount of ab exercising i have done trying to hold my intestines inside have given me...uh...VERY VISIBLE....six pacs.
i worry how easy it is for him to wave and smile to very frowny-face gangsters on the street thinking that "it'll brighten their day for someone to do something like this" and his invisible protection shield from bullets and flying bear-sharks are at it's ultimate 100% today.....and yet, he sweats at the thought of being behind a counter of a food store repeating "hi, how can i help you?" "sure, that comes to $-.--, and here's your change. have a nice day" to a sweet old lady.

i love my brother's creativity. his artistic skills and his double rainbow imagination are to die for; he can think of the best colours to go with grey lines, his composition, though using only one rule is never the same and he's dug out his own art style with a plastic spoon, which i've been digging like crazy with high tech machines to find.
give him a noah's arch rendition with food, and he'll starve to death not knowing what and how to make even a sandwich.

i could go on about my brothers pros and cons but really, all you can do is accept his beautiful soul and wonder at how he's achieved the way he is because he's walked the path to become one of the most unique, loyal, caring and inspiring friend that you can never take a nice or 'proper' picture with-because it'll creep you out.

that. and, because this post has become too long.

giggling and mesmerised by pop-up cards,


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