Happy New Things!

Happy New Things blogosphere!

i know, celebrations for the new year are over and wishes have come and gone..
but i still have a whole year to wish it.

nyahh : ).

SO tell me what you've been up to?
how you been?
how you feelin'?

it's been so long since i last heard from you.
hahhahah who am i kidding? i don't understand why i ask when really, I'm just painfully refraining myself from bursting out with my 'so-much-better-than-yours' news. you know, i think in honesty, I'd rather tell you what I've been up to than hearing what you have to say.
I'm just kidding.
or am i?
hahhaha nah i am..
or am i really?


So I've got a new laptop, I've got a new job, I've got a new house, I've got a new partner in crime, I've got a new life schedule and i am just not ready for 2011.

while everyone else is planning on new years resolutions, I'm listing everything I've yet to complete from 2010.
while everyone is partying it up with friends and family, I'm sorting out whether or not they fit in the 'friends' category and trying to make sure my 'friends' are on the same page as me.

and while we're all shouting out HAPPY NEW YEAR! with cheers and loud bangs and confetti,
I'm praying that you come back a little later. because i am just not ready for you yet.

question is, when WILL i be ready?
I'm always putting things off or feel as though I'm too busy to accomplish anything else, because i just want to 'rest'.
but if I'm resting, I'm not doing anything, and so i wont be anywhere close to progression.
and if I'm not doing anything progressive, I'm not living my life.

LET'S LIVE IN THE MOMENT.let's live in the moment. plan nothing and do everything. PLAN NOTHING AND DO EVERYTHING.

so i guess that's my resolution.
is this...progress..?
8 D



luvieur said...

long live life!

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