wait..was that to me?

do you ever get those days, where everything around you...is about you?
i'm having that day.
everything has you, reminds me of you and should be dedicated to you.

...oh. and now i'm talking to you.

so how do i let you come back,
when she wants you, but i need you.
can't believe..you
got me in the kitchen cookin for you like my first name's Betty.
got off the phone with you but I wanna call right back
i want you to ask me to stay.

cos i've got the right sort of loving.

but i know it was just a fling,

but now i'm going crazy.. should never have let this happen.
cos now i can't forget it

i really don't want to give a fuck
but now i'm a bitch in love.

just discovered Electrik Red; that was my rendition of
So Good.
but really, you should listen to:

how exciting! my first video on blog

oh, but those aren't the only changes that are going to be made. ona's pimpin' it up mainstream blog style! ahhahaha

the best thing about apple iPhone's application (MusicID) was that i found this song through putting headphones on my phone while it listened to 4 seconds worth of this song found on a dodgy interrupted home made video clip of a friend dancing in a hallway.

I. Am. LOVING. This. App.

groovin' to the muuu',


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