i AM running out of those...

watching Seinfeld at the moment and they've just mentioned the supposed social norm of bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party they were invited to.

maybe it's just me and i have been living a life of wrong, but i have never done that.
agreeing with [character] George, i would have thought that being there would have been good enough. Surely, they invited me for a reason other than my financial status to buy them an alcoholic beverage, right?

i feel bad when i click that "not attending" (Facebook reference) button.
i would love to attend every event and buy drinks for who i felt deserved to see what the kindness my heart combined with my money can do; rather than buying a standard glass for everyone in a bottle because i didn't want to be alone tonight.

now i'll have to feel worse because i'm clicking that button with the reason that i can't afford a bottle of wine/ casket of goodies.

don't get me wrong, now i'll probably sound like a hypocrite, but i'm excited to do something like that.
a small muffin wrapped in tiny ribbon, or something new for someone to try.
a loved something for a loved someone. right? : D

i may not financially be able to do that at the moment, but i vow that i will when i become an adult-and a worthy note: i find that being 20 [or as luvieur refers to as twen-teen], i'm not yet considered an adult, therefore, i am going to wait until i am 21. that, or when I can drive without freaking out.

it's the presumption that they expect a gift that annoys me.
what do you think, am i thinking about this the wrong way around?

contradictively, hating growing up,


luvieur said...

no one loves you, you're adopted.


i likes musicID too.

ps: yes, i do go to ur blog just to feed your fish

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