how long is too long for a conversation on the same subject?

i was watching (2009) movie Adam, about a man with Asperger syndrome.
And with whatever social exposure he has with people, many of his conversations (likely to include his favourite subject on space- including equipments) went on and on and on and on.
but only on that one thing; in that case, it was on telescopes.
of course, he was passionate about space and so with such vast knowledge on the subject, he could obviously go on for quite some time.

but really, as a social norm, when is the time to stop?

do we stop after 4 succinct points?
the introducing point, the example point, the "just to let you know that i'm serious about this" point, and the "in case you just came into the conversation" point?

do we carry on with the conversation until we can find a slightly off topic moment which leads to another subject?

or do we stop when we see the first sign of boredom?

maybe even all three +more?
my! how complex the social world has become.

is that why we blog?
we couldn't complete our fantasy long lasting conversation with friends because one person turned your 'interesting facts in alphabetical order' idea away, so we write to ourselves until we can think no longer?

i know i most certainly do.

that and the fact that i'm so paranoid that whatever i say won't be intelligent enough for my friends, (i tend to like to research a LOT about something before i make accusations-even then, it ends up sounding like an oral presentation)

listening to my own conversation,


luvieur said...

yousa dumb fahhg. haha
maybe, but are you REALLY listening to your own conversation. *ref to Mighty Boosh*

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