the last explorer to live.

i made so many last minute realisations today.

first last minute decision was to wake up early in order to shower, have breakfast and have a relaxed wake-up-prepare-for-uni morning OR just...close...your eyes...just...a.litttle...longer.. and find the time to slam the door shut while running for the bus.
instinctlively, the latter option sounded so much better than it reads.
note to self: it doesn't.

second last minute decision was choosing to be on time to a bus by walking, or hitching a no-walk ride to catch a bus that made me 30 minutes late for uni.
at first the lazy option sounded fantastic.
note to self: it isn't.

third last minute decisionwas to check on the reason why noone was replying back to my messages today. fustrated, i called boyfriend ready to ask him where in the frigginnignags whereyou?! only to be answered with "sorry, you do not have sufficient credit to make this call"
i never really thought of hating my phone/service provider for somethign i didn't know they didn't do..but..
note to boyfriend: i'm sorry.

fourth last minute decision was to stay away from the tavern, you dont' need a drink...your'e 80% water!
at first, this sounded like a reasonable decision.

so, i've decided, that if i was to be on Survivor, i'd be the last one on the island...hungry, thirsty, and bored, just watching, as other crew members sailed off into the distance and thinking to myself...

i wonder if there's food on the island?
but really, the point of this post was just to say that i only just recently figured out that my comment box was disengaged. after thoroughly smacking the screen to push any button i could, i realised that there already was a link to make comments. so i've made a little diagram for those who have been equally fustrated at me

yeah. it's ontop of the title. what to me, seemed like an awesome decoration turns out to mean ZERO. zero comments that is. cos i'm so used to it. hahahah please forgive me.




kerplouski said...

Apparently it still won't work

luvieur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luvieur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luvieur said...

after much testing, it's been figured that you have to post comment, enter the verification word, and then press edit before repressing "post comment" for this comment to be commented. on the mac.

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