and tuck your bottom in!

have you noticed how rude people have become as technological use increases?
as though technology has increasingly distanced the world from humans, and everyone has forgotten what manners are.
this makes me frownyface.

i remember learning manners was part of the biggest things in my life; making sure every time i went to another teachers class, i would politely knock, ask to be excused as though i had interrupted a very important meeting with class peers and say sorry for any inconvenient action(s) i took.

and i believe i still practise this well.
And now, every day i would go to work and try to be my best; offering kind and friendly service that i never get when i go to a restaurant or shop, and i am greeted with repulsive humans!
no wonder everyone else has crap customer service-we can't stand to serve 99% of you!

i'd like to go back to my technology please.

customers think it's ok to be on the phone while they walk in, not bothering to listen to what i have to say, when clearly, they're MY cinema, so MY rules apply.
and i use 'my' loosely, but you get the gist of what i'm saying ahhaha
customers think that shoe policies don't apply anymore...
customers think that they can have sex on cinema complex's chairs?!
customers don't care about what bringing hot foods into the cinema means..
..it's not just for our sake when it comes to the difficulty of cleaning, it's for everyone else's who can't stand the smell of your gross chicken wings!
and worst of all, customers treat workers like as if they aren't human beings.
and it's standard procedure that i help lower your prices for you by offering upgrades
*flees to the back of the room*

with grace,


luvieur said...

u ARE a stupid whore. haha
but true, they shouldn't assume you are.

luvieur said...

we have been accustomed to this technology; which has promised us a list of things, one including 'making life easier'. so its easy to say that we are becoming lazy. however, we can also say that: it is only normal human behaviour that we are adapt and become accustomed to technological changes, using technology to as much advantage in order to continue life in a fast pace of life; also a product of technological enhancement in this new age.
i cant say that technology is directly responsible for bad manners (it's like saying computer games are responsible for crime), but there is something there that shows people ARE getting rude. this may also be because parents arent teaching their kids 'proper', but have you ever noticed that communicating over the internet or mobile phones has allowed people to be rude? cos can say things anonymously, cos the internet has a wall that let people say whatever they want in no fear. 'nettique' is fading to exist. you can sms me something horrible, call me names and flame me, i will read it, then pretend not to have read it at all. you are left hanging, waiting for a response.. i can blame it on poor internet, or not care and forget all about it.
you can say hi. i dont like you. so i'll pretend i didnt read it.. blame it on technology.
shortly put: technology is like alcohol when it comes to behaviour and manners.

kerplouski said...

i blame it on cancer.
we should stop doing everything and anything because it will lead to cancer
: O

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