To Write Love On Her Face.

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA)
is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

It is a day where people will write "Love" on the arms of friends, families, or even complete strangers to help remind them that they are loved, for whatever reason it should be.

On the 12th of February, i decided that i would celebrate this day by writing at least one thing i loved about every friend i had on facebook.
i know...i'm super hip with the intrenets : D
i mean, pfft...300+ friends, it should be easy, it's not EVERY friend of mine in my life.

but every day proved to be so difficult. all i wanted to write to them was "am i even your friend?! i mean, i know you, but...why did i press "accept" if we haven't had more than o.5 of a decent conversation?"

i think that went against the whole project

nevertheless, i, after ... roughly a month, had gathered the courage this morning to finish what i had started.
and BOY am i glad that's over! all my love has been drained out of me over the internet
oh the SHAME on me- though i must admit, it would have been much more difficult if i had done it by hand
not to mention how much more i would have been tempted to write...

i DID learn something about myself though..
i think i'm actually quite an entertaining person to be around.
cos for most of the posts i made, i just wanted to tell them how much i loved their unique laugh.
and i seriously could just picture each and every one of my so-called-friends' laughter.

the way their eyes shut as if to take a picture, the crinkle of their noses to breathe in the moment, and the moment they bare their teeth, unafraid of societies cares of noise pollution, ill mannered women and men
(to think i only ended up writing this on ONE post only..)

and i love that about me.

then i found out, that there was a "Tell Her She's Beautiful Day" as well.
and ... you know what i find irritating?...

why is it HER arms? why is SHE the one that should be told SHE'S beautiful.
HE'S beautiful too, i love HIM as well!
we're all beautiful in our own little way, whether it's a great trait of yours, or if it's increasingly embarrassing day by day.
i think it's beautiful. and i love it.

what i HATE about them, is that they gave up, and left me behind.


i find the greatest things in life is when someone can come up to you, and tell you something about yourself that is beautiful-and it's best served unique.
so thankyou to the 15/300+ who replied back to me and gave me back some love.