why so nosey?

just a short entry today folks.

i've got to say, i love reading about people's lives and when someone had mentioned FML (Fuck My Life) to me, i got pretty excited.
but i found something even better!

it's quite nice. rather than hearing about the depressing days and the inhumane ways of society in this day and age, people post about how their lives had become unexpected and the most awesome thing has happened instead.
here's one that i found recently:

"Today, I was shopping at the mall when I had to use the elevator. There was also a young boy and his mom in there. The little boy looked his mom in the eye and said in a serious voice, "If you don't buy me ice cream, I'm never gonna give you grandchildren.""

and reading a couple of these entries, it gets me wondering, how many of these entries are real?
because i've read that many submissions have been cussed because it's so obvious that it's fake, and you wonder why they needed to submit something that was fake just to gain respect.
WHY in the world would anyone need acceptance by readers of one's own entries-when they don't even know who you are! if your life wasn't that interesting that particular day, why submit anything at all? They've just ruined a great new relationship : (

that's why i still stay a fan of postsecret.blogspot.com; even though it gives off the sad vibe of life most of the time, i stay because they all seem genuine. there is no reason (without seeming like a dickwad) to abuse such a project.


p.s Apparently, if you shove headphones up your nose while turning on your music player really loudly, you can project the sound from your mouth and mute it when your mouth is closed.
fun fact.


luvieur said...

<3 FF#1 (funfact #1)

and yeah, it happens all the time, especially over the internet.
it's entertainment.
but, its human nature to want 'real' and 'natural'.
sadly, i think it's time to just enjoy the ride. who cares if it's real or not - no lives are at stake!

kerplouski said...

but now i can't enjoy them as much because i'm too busy trying to justify why i think it's real
: (

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