i can coin terms too!

how awesome is it for someone to have a word they created turn into terminology that professors teach, students vocabulate and the world wiki's to understand?
have you ever wanted to make up a word? i never really thought about it, but to me lately, it sounds so ... sexy.

which comes back to the reference to the last blog on what i call *clears throat*

(would be) derived from the Greek words, auto (self) and agnōsis (not knowing). The term highlights the common condition in which a subject is unable to judge one's own condition due to the ignorance of their own existence.

say for example, "i'm sick of Hershews whining! can't she see that he left her because she's such a cry-baby? damn, that girl has a bad case of autoagnosis!"

hahahaha ok, bad example, but still, it's weird how most people just don't look at themselves the way that others do. I think it's just because they know what goes on behind the curtain, and don't realise that no one else sees what they see. people think they're just simple, fun loving person, and yet, they're really a more voluminous person with history, reason, fear...
that's got nothing to do with my terminology though.
ahhahaha i love being side-tracked.

back to my terminology! i remember this one thing i saw on Oprah one time for handling problems; that is, to write letters to yourself.
it was so simple.
it's so easy giving our own friends advice (you know, because we know them so well) but when it comes to ourselves, we have no friggin' clue whatsoever on what to do, so the super-genius plan was to write a letter to yourself!
call yourself whatever you'd like and whatsoever, slip your letter under your door and write back to your 'friend'. Be your own super best friend!-who, by the way, gives GREAT advice.

the upside to all of this is, well, you get answers, you're more likely to become zyrtec-fast relaxed when you concentrate on writing more than whining...and...well...the only downside i can see is that it might make you look like a loony. depends on the angle you look at it, really.
smiley face.

anyway, i should probably sleep now. i've lost all train of thought on this.
that's all folks, thanks for listening,

p.s thanks oprah, for the advice!...or was it my own friend herself who said it... |: ( or both


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