the face of 'Ms baby of the year'

There probably is a pageant for that...

i was walking by a "YAY FOR CHRISTIANS. JOIN US!" sidewalk outlet and a couple of things came to mind.
then it was the random thought of there being sex appealing girls promoting christianity, and how it's quite impossible as that is one of the things i believe they're very much against (to an extent), and well, it didn't help justify my thoughts to think otherwise when these girls looked like hollow human bodies that seemed to be life-less but eminating a glowing warm light.

LIKE A WOMB-BABY floating in body-space.
ooh you christians are a sneaky one at times...

ANYWHO. then it reminded me of a movie i just recently watched.
Whip it!
One of the most inspiring movies i've seen in a while- i haven't had the urge like this to want to skate for so long!

There was this one scene with Ellen Page as she's about to dive into the water, she scurries her paws in front of her like an easter bunny would discard of any evidence of eating chocolate;
and it was the CUTEST THING I HAD EVER SEEN full stop

it's quite cute seeing mature kids in that moment of being so innocent and adorable, without faking it.
it's an effortless form of humour.
i despise the faking. it would make me laugh sort of like how Cruela Devil would laugh. with utter hatred inside.

like how a certain genre of asian girls widen their eyes, puff out their cheeks and lips with the imitation of a stupid mole.

something small to think about,


luvieur said...

aww. ellen page was adorable doing that! my heart fluttered.
i'm gonna Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V somewhere in my life down the track. Ctrl+B it, so i rmb.

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