just one more day

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
Ambrose Redmoon

what usually helps me move on forward in life is the constant ringing in my head after something destructive happens to me.
"this has happened before
this has happened before. this has happened before. this has happened before. this. happened before. before. before."
sounds a little psychopathic now that i think about it- but it helps.
let's just hope these words don't ever escape from my mouth. : D

but it goes on to habits. good or bad? depends how you like your personality huh? sunny-side up this morning with me, anyone?
i think habits are the weirdest things that define who you are. like when i drink from bottles, i always turn to my side to drink
. he he he. model-in the making...*wiggles eyebrows*
but really, habits are just subconscious routines of behaviour which people don't think about until questioned. then do they really start to analyse themselves-which leads onto self-ignorance...but let's touch on that another day
< : ) 3

i believe i had this conversation once upon a time with work mates and they didn't think they had any weird habits at all; until someone yelled in excitement, "what about how you touch both of your feet before you go to sleep?!"
or when lover thought he wasn't weird, i exclaimed (really loudly) "whattaya talkin' 'bout?!? you eat your apple with two hands-no matter how small it is!! or! or! not drinking your powerade unless you've scratched the sh**t out of its label?! or! or!....."

others just have "normal" habits:
clicking pens, cracking knuckles, chewing ice, imagining how strangers would be at sex...

i think the cutest one i've seen is by one of the most gorgeous girls i've met in my life; when she gets excited, she spirit-fingers her ears (flicking her ears with all her fingers). makes me smile.

WHOO! happiness for the rest of the day,
p.s. is it weird to count in your head by imagining your own fingers and counting them there...in your head?


luvieur said...

when i start to dose off to sleepylalaland, my toes wiggle & dance to an imaginary song, not even i can hear..

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