practise makes perfect

do you ever find yourself practising speeches....that aren't going to be graded?

i always do that; whether it's for a car lesson, a sick note, walking into a room to pass on a message from someone else...the list goes on

and today...
today i found myself in an elevator.

...making up an excuse for being in the elevator.

i had seriously considered and practised my speech to tell a 60(-/+)year old man "oh yes, the doctor says i should refrain from walking of my sprained toe".

not only would that be a lie, but...my toe?!
could i not have thought of saying ankle? shin? "my vessels will pop if i step on my skin"?
hahahahhah. maybe not the latter...i don't want to sound like i'm telling him my life story...

but what does that say about me?
am i lying just to make me acceptable in todays' society?
so that i don't seem like a lazy student who hates climbing up thousands of stairs in the morning EVERY day?

i should really count the amount of steps it takes me just to get onto 'ground' level...

which brings me back to the elevator subject...why is it ALWAYS so awkward being in an elevator with someone that you don't know?
thousands of questions...
so easy to answer.

buuuuuut i cannot be botheredness.

goodnight blogosphere~

the end is near!

the upcoming movie 2012 brought this topic up.
a customer was so convinced that it was true, spewing out facts and theories that connected so well with each other...
the world will end! our souls will be reinvented, refreshed and free! mayans! the bible! they say it all!

but here's my theory...

it's happening already.

damn laptop screen crack, the rings of death on my xbox, my xbox conTROLLER, my error screen on my nintendo dsi (with a $20 mailing fee), my 16GB classic ipod not responding! my ipod touch getting rained on! my smartrider charging me $10 to get to work (usually being 77c), internet quota being sucked to death with no link as to how or why...

ok, maybe it's not the end of the world, but it's the end of MY world almost.

keeping you posted,