if you could tattoo yourself

(pl.) vis vires.

force, power, strength, might,influence

you know yourself when you can think of one word to describe your entire self without sounding corny...unless of course the word is "corny".

or is it the other way around, and the one word that defines you is who you want to be known as?



this was brought up by a curious little eye, spying on a back-of-the-neck tattoo of a pretty little thing in the bus. vis vires it had splashed ever so neatly on the neck; and the hunt for the translation began.

Tattoo implants have long been a dream of mine. To have symbols and personal pieces of literature sprawled all over the intimate areas of my body...you know...like..my skin.
a constant reminder to everyone about who i am and the most important values in my life.
or even just the most influential words/pictures of people's lives.
whether it be the 10 commandments, a monologue from Fight Club, elvish conversations of the Middle Earth to "i wish i could
wengardian levio-this-ass-back-20-years"

but it the thought of a picture of my face sagging like a folded picture from MAD magazines into a erect penis-though chaaarming-isn't the type of tattoo i'd like my kids to actually catch a glimpse of.

"wow mum. you really did like them men"

so i constantly ricochet my thoughts on whether i should do the deed or not.

Conclusion: i decided to stick with correct lexis- double checking on foreign characters for misspellings or incorrect meanings. you don't want "may i please enquire for a cheeseburger?-lolcats" proudly displayed on your forehead thinking it'll be funny.

by the way, did you know that hullabaloo was an actual word? < : )3
more on that later.

with much curiosity,


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