fish soup, anyone?

no-one looked after the fish until a couple of days ago, and to their suprise, found two dead fish in out pond that morning.

judging by the alluring faeces-brown murky water and the sweet scent of maggot-filled rotten apples mixed with that fish-ey smell, those fish did not die anytime near the present.
what's worse was that the other fish were still swimming in that!
ewwww....dead friends blood in yer lungs!

SO, i did a noble act and decided to save my scale-y friends; but catching them was harder that i thought.
My noble gesture resulted in me having to have to unload bucketS of deadfish-water into the drain, which, at times, attached itself all over my legs. EW.

Once they were forced to surrender their disguises to me, i pulled them to (hopefully not their first) over-exposure of oxygen.

do you think over-exposure of air to fish is like being attached to a tank of Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and that they're actually having the time of their lives?

i'd like that.

in the end, it took me two whole days to get the water out, settle the fish, renew the water and watch them get accustomed to their new-old-home.
just so i can write...

fish-thumbs (the piece-of-awesome that may be able to save your fish one day...cos i care)"

R.I.P fish 086 and fish 092


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