-okok, real blog.

i think i picked up a man today.
yay for today's equal rights and whatnot. wrong. i picked up a ginger man (not like gingerbread man) who was possibly 20 years older than me.


how the hell did that happen?! i don't even know.
there i was minding my own business at a bus stop getting drenched only once i stepped out of the rain shields- curse the revenge of the clouds on my childhood-weather-powers!

AND THEN! i got into a conversation with a man who was trying to find out the best way of getting to the shopping centre, and stupidly trained skills from my workplace to get talking to customers who are at LEAST 10 steps away from you, i started a conversation; from directions, to airplanes, to dogs, to birds, to bricks, to whatever else that probably springs to mind. yes, even pedophelia.
50 minutes later, we're parting, and i pull out my phone to call my loverboy and i say to mr. man, "it was a pleasure to meet you, good luck and whatnot" and he politely says the same, and says "we should have coffee sometime, call me".
5 awkward seconds later, i realise he's standing there because i have my phone out, and he's ready to give me his number.

oh kerplouski, you charmer, you.

what does "let's have a coffee" mean anyway? is it like someway for people to say

"fuck you're awesome to talk with! let's gets some caffeine in ya, and see how much you can say when your mouth is going apeshit"
◕ ◡ ◕
or like one of those

*arrives at doorstep* "would you like to come in for some c-*thrusts chest*-offee" *using coffee as some sort of analogy* •_•

and as much as i'd love for it to be the first case scenario. it's not the first time "old man", "said to me" and "coffee" can be stringed together in a sentence when it comes to me. take the time i was in the rain, yet again, looking for a present for my sister...yet again...OH MY HOSHTOSH! THIS IS LIKE A TOTAL REPEAT. *side tracked*
anyway, got talking to the man because it was raining stupidly *waves fist at weathers' revenge* and afterwards, sprung the sentence "are you of legal age?"

in the end, he meant, "oh fackin sweet! you're an awesome talker! hey, come by the swingin' cafe nearby and i'll treat you to some delicious coffee that doesn't involve a white van whatsoever, for i am completely harmless-here! here's a tazer gun and pepper spray just in case i do anything, i just think you're a SPLEEENNNNDDIIIIID person"
but yeah.

sorry about the random faces (i.e
(ಠ_ಠ)), i just stumbled across these and found them flippin sweet. not to mention how well it goes with my face 50% of the time when i'm not

did you know..
i actually know a guy who's face is stupidly like
he's quite annoying.. and i don't want to say it's because of the face, but.....71% says....๏̯?!



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