been a while hasn't it?
but almost every day i think of something i want to write here. kind of annoying when you know there was something, but you completely forget what you wanted to talk/write about.

like how lately, i've been thinking about P.S (Post Scriptum) which could range from one word to paragraphs after a letter.
i think it's beautiful.
i dont' know why... maybe because i watched P.S I Love You lately, or just the idea of how someone can get SO into their letters, that they leave something out-important or not.

or...i'm an IGNORANT FOOL! who hasn't really thought about what they had just said...
maybe the latter...


i had the privilege of listening to a deaf person speak today-though it wasn't my first time, nono; i had a gorgeous family last time who had but only a young daughter who could hear... or was incredibly good at reading lips, and she was signing to everyone in the family, making sure they all had something to order~

i wonder how you sign "raspberry fanta"...

anyway, this deaf person today was trying to sound what they thought would be the pronunciation to words. obviously they never refined it, seeing as they've never heard what they sound like..

but THAT had me thinking ..maybe it's just me, but when it comes to music (yes, i know it sounds like i'm off into a tangent, but i SWEAR it's got to do with it...somewhat...), how come we dont' think of sounds the same way we think of pronouncing a word? ....it's still a sound...

then i came across ->THIS <-

and it's most likely that if you were a to beatbox a tune as well as belt out lyrics to a song...you'd treat the lyrics as just...sounds right?
the whole idea of talking in tune brings out REVELATIONS!!!

hahahha ok, ok, i just pulled that word out of my ass, but i'm going to pretend it means what i think it means.

quite the crazy, i believe.

here's another crazy thought for you...i tend to always publish these at 1 or 2am. ok yes, the bloggernet says that my time is most likely 11am in the morning...or so i think blogger.com says so ... but here i am, looking at my clock, and it says 1:56. i'm tired of waiting for my video to post, so i'm going to leave you with the link and i'll try again with the uploading later.

ciaociao blogosphere!


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