-all these men!

a possible-6-year-old got to second base with me today.
He ran towards the corners of the cinema corridor and smacked into me; one arms flung at my boob and the other went for my vaginarian heaven. crazy kid.
which brings me to kids these days- and i don't care if you're 17 and "all grown up"; you're still a kid if you don't know how to give a little respect to others around you and to your dignity.

all the tales of stupidity and annoyance i can list with the amount of kids who come into the cinemas just to watch a movie for the last couple of years...
the amount of sex that's been had, the amount of condoms left in the most awkward places, the amount of times i wanted to hack off their legs because they can't keep their feet off the chairs, the amount of time they disobey the "cinema being cleaned. please stay OUTSIDE of the cinema", the amount of hot chips that we have to hand pick and throw in the bin because people wont obey the "no hot foods" rule...the amount of times they'd rather pay $20 to listen to their own voices than the movie itself... the amount of times they try to sneak in, the amount of times they INSIST we took the money, when it's against policy to do so before getting food...
holy shit. it just keeps going.

but it's not just that. it's the hipocritical kids who do anything to please their flock. the kids who have sex with teachers twice...thrice their age even, and at illegal ages and say, "it's ok. we're in love". it's the kids who send edited pornography of teachers all around the world, the ones who don't think about the potential damage to lives of others..the ones who just ..don't think.


but not just that. mindless adults are also in the wrong. The rules, the exceptions, the damages, the ignorance. which reminds me. what kind of stupid prick thinks that up-ing the age of alcohol is going to stop any issues? up-ing the alcohol age, ups the bar age, ups the club age, downs the economy, downs the ability to drink and not-be-able-to-drive-anyway, ups the crime... urgh!


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