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The world of words, a universe of discourses; re-coined in 2002 by William Quick.
who would've thought, after several semesters of media and the web, i would end up with a blog

i've been wanting to do this for so long now, i can't remember why i didn't- oh that's why.....
i procrastinated.

well here i am, 3 am in the morning after a quickly dissolved conversation on destiny.
oh god, another pathetic emo-child, you say; but maybe i'll blog on that another day.
today...we speak of Destiny.

i dont' find myself a firm believer of destiny, but someone else did, and so this feud was brought up:

[me= purple, other= pink]
"destiny isn't predicting the future"
"no, it's telling it!"

"not really.
since destiny would change every so often, the "telling of the future", wouls be very vague.
say for example "you would live a rich life, and die miserably"
you could become very wealthy from being a business man or some sort, and because of that, be gunned down in front of your family
you could know that you're dying of a untreatable, rare disease because, so you make every living moment left of your life as fulfilling as you can before you die
but that's not destiny. That's just making a vague prediction of your life"

"ahhh, i guess you'll not understand it then, shame


destiny is dependant upon your past, it's focus (the place where you're going) is a culmination of what's happened in your life, and what you're capable OF doing
your subconcious mind brings you the things that you truly need and desire, not those that you superficially REQUIRE!
its a process that's been written, but you cant read it, you have to feel it... live it, and then, and ONLY then can your subconcious take you in the next phase of life
it happens everyday
it's not routine, destiny puts you there for a reason, a reason controlled only by your subconscious
you cant change destiny, you may think you can and have, but in reality, any change you make is simply following the contours of your destiny ready written
there is, however, ways you may estimate your destiny, in respects to certain things

its likely to be true, because you will tell you subconcious so many times the same thing over and over, though you may not even realise it, that through fate and faith, it might, MIGHT just happen to occur, thus bending the rules of what destiny will do eventually

"well see, you define destiny as a post-determined future.
when i define 'destiny' as a pre-determined future"

"no, this is what i said "its a process that's been written" that's PRE also"

"pre-determined as in, yes, it leads you along a certain path to get to a point in your life that is "predicted"
but post-determined as in, "oh, everything you're doing now is causing what will happen, because of your actions""

"exactly, because life is a progression of events, events that have already been defined, you're simply living them through, and THAT'S how you can understand them"

" progression does not exist unless some goal is defined.
but if you don't know your goal, how is it progression?"

"destiny IS the goal! that's where everyone's headed toward"

" but you don't know your destiny.
so it's not a goal."

"its a goal your subconcious knows, because it uses faith to follow the larger power, destiny"

" and your subconsciousness understands faith without consciousness?"

AAAAANNNND then it goes on to a whole bunch of crap about earth's crusts/core and human bodies as the superficial state that the subconscious mind and destiny controls- also something about Feeling destiny.take that sexually or metaphysically.

ok, so maybe it's just me, but how did Destiny become so many contradictions in itself?
and who/what determines what our destiny is? seriously, how can you say that your destiny is predetermined, and yet say that every action you make next from whence you existed is what is forming your destiny? Because i call that the "Make your move and suffer your consequences" theory.

Destiny is just for people who like to soften the blow of some stupid thing that happened as a greater god's true form of being by making sure that event actually happened for some greater good. grow up.

anyways, that conversation ended with "very cold night, wouldnt you agree?" ahahhaah.
what does everyone love about deep and meaningful conversations anyway?
is it a way to continuously expell your 'deepest' feelings that you
"never tell anyone, but weirdly enough, only you" *puckers lips*
or just a way to secretly make them fall in love with you for who you really are?

i like argueing as a form of getting to know someone; especially how passionate they get about the topic.
SEXY. < >: ) 3
ahaahah, weirdly enough, what i first argue about becomes the thing that brings us really close to each other. but let's note that some other day, when i shouldn't be sleeping.